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What we do and offer.

In-house solar installation and maintenance. 25 years warranty on everything.
For every installed solar system we offer free energy usage monitoring, solar panel maintenance and cleaning. A 25-year warranty speaks for itself, covering workmanship and equipment.

Home Solar

With high quality solar equipment, we do all the installations in-house to ensure the best quality.

Battery Storage

Solar energy can be stored for later use and you can get a better utility rate plan with a battery storage system.

Solar Monitoring

Your new solar system’s performance is monitored by monitoring specialists. This is included to every new solar installation.

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In order to make the right choice before signing a solar contract, we make sure that you examine your options objectively and ask the right questions.
Shaqilia Palmer
Shaqilia Palmer
I was nervous after reading all of the reviews, but my rep was perfect. Sunrun has been great for me for a little over a year now. They gave me a brand new roof! They bought out another company which is why they have some bad apples in the bunch. My rep has answered all my questions and concerns.
Julio Ramirez
Julio Ramirez
Been wanting to put solar for some time now and had a few companies come to my house. But the representative from sunrun named Crystal was the reason we signed. She was professional and didn’t make us feel pressured to sign. She was with us through the whole process and answered any questions we had. Everything went according to plan. Easy process would definitely recommend sunrun.
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia
I am excited with Sunrun through Costco. My sales rep was very knowledgeable and helped educate me on what product was best for me. She was good at explaining the process and how solar worked. She gave great timelines and was always available if I had any questions at any point in my project. The install of panels and battery went smooth and I started noticing savings on my Edison bill immediately. Over all great experience.

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